Chemical peels have been a pillar of facial rejuvenation since its inception. As society’s fascination with prolonging youth has increased during the last 20 years, enthusiasm over the effects of peels has seen tremendous growth as well. Chemical peeling is the “tried and true” anti-aging procedure. It involves the application of a chemical exfoliant to remove brown spots, superficial lesions, and improve the texture of skin and provides the greatest benefit for the least risk compared to other procedures that strive to reverse the effects of aging. Various intensities of chemical peels are available that offer a wide range of results which can be customized to fit your needs or cosmetic desires. For full details on the options available, schedule a consultationtoday! At Georgia Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr. Campbell assesses each patient’s skin type and damage and then prescribes the most effective facial rejuvenation procedure. His extensive training and experience with a wide variety of chemical peels produce optimum results time and time again. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables him to solve problems that may be mild, moderate or severe.